Artwork Guidelines


Artwork begins with your imagination, either a drawing on paper or computer generated art. If you send us your logo via email, we will arrange for our design team to produce a PDF which will show you your artwork on a mock-up glass, completely to size. This will then require your approval. 

Once approved, your logo is separated by colour onto a clear film positive. Each colour in your design needs a film positive, and each film positive needs a screen. This means the less colours in your design, the lower the printing cost will be.

For single colour decoration, we ensure you receive your PDF mock-up within 2-3 days for your approval. Multicolour decoration will take longer as it's more complex, therefore the less colour, the shorter the lead time.

Artwork guidelines

Preparing artwork for screen printing is different from any other type of design. Due to the nature of our process we may need to manipulate, alter or re-touch your artwork slightly to ensure that we can print it to the best of our capabilities.

It could be that we may need to add some bleed/traps or thicken some fine detail, therefore if you are submitting your own artwork the preferred method would be as follows;

Supply of artwork

Vector Files

Illustrator (.ai) pdf /eps (Vector based)

Vector art can be rescaled and manipulated without losing any image quality.

All text/fonts used will be converted to outlines/paths/strokes.

If raster placed images are not embedded within your file then please supply them separately.

Please convert all colours in your document to ‘spot colours’. If artwork has been produced in RGB / CYMK then we will match it to the nearest Pantone colour.

Full colour artwork;

 If the design contains white it will not be viewable on the screen therefore please indicate this clearly by including a background colour, or replace with another colour. Alternatively include a ‘raster’ visual with the artwork for viewing purposes.

Please Note: Placing ‘Raster Art’ (see below) into a vector program and then saving it as .ai/pdf/eps will not make it vector artwork.

When submitting Vector Files please ensure it is CS6 compatible or lower

Raster Files

Jpeg / Tif / Psd / Png / Gif / Bmp

Raster art is made up of tiny dots called pixels. When rescaled the quality reduces.

Please Note: Raster/Pixilated artwork is not original artwork therefore attention/re-draw is often needed, especially if the artwork is in more than one colour.

Images that have been taken from the web are very low resolution (72dpi) and these do not print very well.

When submitting Raster Files please ensure you are saving from the original source and that they are at least 400dpi.

Artwork created in MS Word, Powerpoint, Publisher, etc.

If setting up artwork in these programs please be aware these are not ‘Graphic based’. Any placed art will also need to be supplied seperately and make sure they conform with the above ‘Raster’ information. If using fonts be aware that fonts on our system will most probably not match yours resulting in alternative fonts being substituted. To avoid this, save your file from the original source to a PDF before sending to us. 

Please note: When sending artwork via email please ensure any collective artwork that is over 10MB is sent as a ‘We Trasnfer’ transfer.

Colour requirements

Please supply your required print colour from a ‘Pantone Coloured Chart’ , so we can match as close as possible to the colour you require. If you are not sure what to choose in regards to pantones and are happy for us to choose what we think would be most suitable then please let us know. On supply of the artwork mock-up visual, we will also supply a pantone reference suggestion for you to also approve.

The set up charge

The set up charge covers the cost of us amending your artwork and ensuring suitability for printing. It also covers the outputting of films and making the screens in preparation for printing. 

Our standard charge is £60.00 per colour or £60.00 per logo. This is a one off cost and any repeat orders won’t have a set up charge unless they need amendments.

For date amendments we only charge £35.00 to cover the artwork and screen costs.

The process

In the illustration below you can see  the logo received in the correct format and DPI.

Each glass has its own recommended print size to ensure the glass is of highest quality, therefore the logo will be sized accordingly. This example is a 20oz Conical in 4 colours, with a nucleated base. The logo is separated into the 4 colours, and put onto 4 films which will then be made into screens, before being sent off to paint and print.


Below is the file received by the customer in the correct format and DPI.

Slight amendments are made to the design to create a nucleation stamp.

File received by customer

Slight Amendment

Complete finshed Nucleation

Finished Product