Base Decoration

Festival glass also offers a decoration on the base of the glass (only available on certain glasses). 

The decoration is applied using PAD printing process and we are able to achieve high quality definition.

 Base stamping is available in standard colours of white, etch and black. Other colours are available, however through our experience these are the most solid.

This is a great way to either add extra value to your glass, allow extra revenue in glass sponsorship, or simply add a quirky touch to your overall design.

The minimum order quantity is 1,000 pieces. Please feel free to email a member of the team for any enquiries or questions.

  1.     913 milky-matt
  2.     914 satin-transparent
  3.     922 Light Yellow      
  4.     924 Medium Yellow
  5.     926 Orange
  6.     932 Scarlet Red
  7.     934 Carmine Red
  8.     936 Magenta
  9.     950 Violet
  10.     952 Ultramarine Blue
  11.     956 Brilliant Blue
  12.     960 Bluefish Green
  13.     962 Grass Green
  14.     970 White
  15.     980 Black