16.5oz Craft Beer Glass (47cl)

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Craft beer is immensely popular, and the choice of glass is crucial in experiencing the full taste of the beverage, where everything from colour, smell and taste is influenced by the choice of vessel.

The new 16oz (47cl) Craft beer glass is authentic and optimises the tasting experience. 

This glass is ideal for the craft beer market. 

The glass is available in single colour decoration or the classic etch effect. We can also add bespoke nucleation for better head retention.

  1. Request a quotation by sending an email to sales@festivalglass.co.uk. We will reply to the sender’s email address with a detailed quotation.

  2. If you like the quote, send us your artwork and we will arrange a PDF proof, showing the size and position of your logo on your chosen glass.

  3. If you like what you see, then email a confirmation of approval of the artwork proof and we are good to go!

  4. Now we need all the relevant details of the delivery and invoice addresses, as well as the expected delivery dates to enable us to produce a sales order confirmation. This will be emailed to you – please check to ensure all the details are correct.

  5. Assuming all the details are correct, we will now request payment. We will send you a pro-forma invoice. The preferred method of payment is BACS. We also accept all major credit cards and debit cards.

  6. Once payment is received, goods will be produced and booked for their delivery.

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