The Senator beer glass has a tall, slim profile, complete with a slight V shape to its silhouette. This subtle design creates a universal appeal making Senator a versatile glassware option - the obvious choice for large wrap around designs. The wrap designs have becoming increasingly popular over the past few years as drink producers can use the large print area available on the senator glass to create design impact to help their product stand out from the rest of the beer glass designs on the bar. Ideally suited for carbonated drinks such as cider and lager but also a great alternative to any traditional beer glass. The Senator range is an obvious choice for brewery and brand promotions. The  Senator range can also be nucleated for better head retention. It is also available decorated in up to 5 spot colours as well as single colour decoration or etch effect. For added value or extra sponsorship why not try base decoration.

10oz Half Pint Senator (28cl) CE

The 10oz senator is half pint to brim and has a tall, slim profile, co…

20oz One Pint Senator (57cl) CE

The 20oz senator is 1 pint to brim and has a tall, slim profile, compl…