Full Colour Decoration

Fully automated direct screen printing – perfect for small batch production.

Unlike our competitors, Festival Glass are able to offer up to 5 colour decoration from as low as 1200 pieces.

How does it work?

Plain glass is unpacked and fed to the machine and each glass is then placed on a jig which is moulded to the shape of the glass. Compressed air then holds the glass in place as the glass travels through all 5 print stations. Each colour is printed separately and moves from each station for each colour to be applied, layer by layer. The glass is held in the same position throughout the process, hence the reason why we able to offer spot on registration. Once all colours have been applied we then have the option to load on to a decorating lehr (temperature controlled furnace) or we can stack the glass on trays and put through the lehr at a later date. Direct screen printing is the most economical process to achieve full colour decoration, this combined with (temperature controlled furnace) ensures a permanent high quality decoration. We are able to decorate both sides of the glass and government stamp/line the glass if required all at the same time.