20.5oz Speakeasy Gin Cocktail Glass

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SPKSY. Uncompromisingly glamorous as a speakeasy’s clientele.

One of the reasons for the continuing popularity of the Vintage trend is almost certainly the vivid images it evokes in people’s minds. Of the roaring 20s, a time of glamourous black-and-white movie stars but also notorious gangsters who made their fortunes in the illegal liquor trade that the Prohibition era spawned.

Smoke-filled back rooms, gangsters in fedora hats, their ‘molls’ in cocktail dresses, skilled barmen creating legendary cocktails with one eye always on the door on the lookout for an unwanted visit from the local cops… The SPKSY family of glassware look like they’ve just been lifted from a popular speakeasy in 1920s Chicago or New York: sharp as a chalk stripe suit, stylish as a jazzman’s solo and tough as they come.

Elegance and style are two words that come to mind when seeing this Speakeasy Gin Cocktail Glass. Portraying a vintage prohibition feel, The Gin Tonic Cocktail 20.5oz 58cl has Slightly smaller bowl than most Copa de Balon  glasses

it is a glass ideal for a classic cocktail or the perfect gin and tonic. Its durable yet unique design allows this glass to stand out behind any bar.

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