Laser Nucleation


The best and proven long-lasting nucleation is produced using a laser. Nucleation has been designed to improve the appearance and head retention of carbonated drinks, particularly suitable for keg beer, lager, and ciders. It is produced with laser etching technology in the bottom of the glass.

Nucleation involves the etching of the bottom of the glass and is designed to increase the effervescence of the product and maintain the head of the drink, as well as improving the appearance of carbonated soft drinks when served.

This method of nucleation will not fade, wash off or become unsightly like some traditional processes. We are able to increase or decrease the depth of nucleation with relative ease. To get the best results we would recommend that the more coverage in the base of the glass the more carbonation it will retain. We can also create nucleation in house for our customers by using elements of their brand to create nucleation which works for them and their product. 

It is one of the easiest yet most cost effective ways of keeping the customer coming back for more and adding value and style to a glass.The machine we use is able to accept uploaded files which makes it highly flexible and suitable for any bespoke pattern that you may require.

The minimum order is 1000 pieces for bespoke nucleation, and our team will be able to guide you through this process if you think you would like to add it to your glass. Alternately we able to offer generic nucleation on smaller quantities of 500 pieces.

Our sales department will request a logo from the customer, once this is received they will send it to the design team who will then create a PDF mock-up (including the overall artwork) to be sent back to the customer for approval. Once approved, the file will be sent to the nucleation machine pending production. Nucleation can take anything from 1.5 to 5 seconds per glass, depending on the coverage and detail.