Print Colour Information

On glassware, colours don’t necessarily always match.

Part of the process of glassware printing is heating the glass to a very high temperature, which can alter the shade slightly.

Also, when you view artwork on a PC monitor, different screens can show different shades of a colour.  If you need a very precise colour, please be sure to discuss it with us first and quote a pantone number for us to match to as close as we possibly can. 

We have a standard range of colours which cover most requirements and are able to match to pantone colours.

Please be aware purples, pints and lilacs are very insipid colours to match precisely and are a more expensive paint so this would be reflected in your quotation. 

Please also avoid metallic colours, these colours are 50% more expensive and are not glass washer resistant.

Click here to download Colour Chart 1

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Click here to download Pantone Colour Chart