13.4oz Dunkel Oversized Half Pint Glass

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The Dunkel beer glass is a German design and comes from the German word Dunkel which means dark and is originally intended to serve darker German larger compared to their traditional paler lagers. This admirable curved stemmed glass provides a perfect environment for those darker beers whose malts overshadow the hops in both aroma and flavour. Perfect contender for all occasions and events, especially when serving bottles and cans.

  • CE Marking and lining options include: 1/2pt, 1/3pt.

  • Bespoke nucleation is available for improved effervescence and head retention.

  • Colour decoration either side of the glass.

  • Highly transparent and durable.

  • Single colour MOQ: 144

Nucleation - Festival Glass
Single Colour Printing - Festival Glass
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