13.4oz Dunkel Stemmed Beer

13.4oz Dunkel Stemmed Beer
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The Dunkel Beer Glass Stem range is an new addition to our range available from March 2021 which strengthens our stemmed beer range offering.

There are 2 sizes in the range 10oz 13.4oz, the Dunkel glass can be supplied decorated fully toughened

Stylish, trendy and a cost-effective addition to our range, extremely durable and reliable. Ideal for hotels, bars and restaurants.

  • Single colour or etch effect decoration is available, a highly transparent and durable cost-effective decoration
  • 2-5 full colour decoration of the highest quality with spot on registration either as a standard traditional ceramic decoration or using the new UV technology
  • In House CAUK marking as standard and printed line options available in various formats if and when required
  • Nucleation is available for improved effervescence and head retention
  • Front and back decoration, Half Wraps or Full wraps in single colour or full colour are also available where MOQ allow
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