Toughened Glass Information

Fully Automatic UV multi-colour production line for branded toughened glassware combines the latest technology offering more printing flexibility than ever.

Fully integrated pre-treatment station for toughened glass cleaning and silicone coating. Improved surface tension and surface environment for enhanced mechanical and chemical UV ink adhesion.
Improved print registration accuracy. More achievable lower MOQ for branded toughened glassware. More vivid and vibrant colours. Improved colour matching.
UV Curing
Efficient ultraviolet curing after each print station, ensuring impressive durability and chemical resistance.
Fully integrated laser machine for effortless bespoke nucleation. Greatly improved effervescence and head retention.
UV inks use organic pigments and are free from heavy metals such as Lead and Cadmium. Greatly reduced energy consumption in comparison to traditional ceramic screen printing processes.
What is Toughened Glassware?
Fully toughened glassware has been strengthened throughout the body of the glass to improve the glasses resilience to impacts and stress. Upon the event of breaking the entire glasses body is designed to create a shockwave, creating a series of tiny spider web like fractures throughout the entire glass, resulting in smaller fragments of glass helping to minimise the risk of injury