13.5oz Draft Stemmed Beer Glass

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The 13.5oz Draft Beer stemmed glass captures the shape of the iconic Tulip beer glass in its design. Making it Perfect for maintaining a foamy head, the tulip shape of the stemmed draft prolongs a pleasurable drinking experience. The 13.5oz draft is one of our bestselling stem glasses as It is the ideal glass for serving 330ml bottles and cans.

  • CE marking and lining available: 2/3pt, 1/2pt, 1/3pt.

  • Bespoke nucleation is available for improved effervescence and head retention.

  • Colour decoration of up to 5 colours.

  • Highly transparent and durable.

  • Single Colour MOQ: 384

  • Muliticolour MOQ: 1200

Nucleation - Festival Glass
Multicolour Printing - Festival Glass
Single Colour Printing - Festival Glass
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