CE Marking

CE marking is mandatory by law for glasses that are being used in licenced establishments to sell by measurements. This ensures the measure being served complies with EU and UK directives. Festival Glass has been accredited to incorporate this CE Marking process within our professional printing services and therefore be can offer CE Marking across a wide range of drinking glassware.

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Breakdown of the CE Mark 

The CE mark can be to the brim or a line marked upon the vessel. The "Pint" on the image below idicatces the vessel contains a pint to the brim. The “CE” stands for Conformité Européene, “M19” identifies the year in which the CE mark was applied. The four-digit code "0846" represents the registration number for the government body that verified the CE marking."2/3pt.to line", “1/2pt.to line” and “1/3pt.to line” display the correct measured amount that is required to be filled. Note CE marking is not required if an alternative measurement tool is used to measure drinks.

Pint Glass CE Marking - Festival Glass